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Very cool

The game is very well put togather for a db game very nice graphics im confused on the time it took to make and how many lines of code it took but great game all and all

Room War. Ah. Well, I think

Room War. Ah. Well, I think this one can easily be summarized: Smooth, fluid controls, superb graphics and nice AI. Room War gives the player the perspective of one of those pesky flying insects trying to keep you awake at night, and hey, I must say, it's a great perspective. As the last resistance against an alien invasion trying to destroy the computer of the occupants room. Wow, what a story. But you'll forget the story as soon as your ship first strafes through the room. Forget Star Wars and those canyon flights - try strafing through closets, below couches! Lock on, dodge incoming fire, avoid hitting the table or closet and take out those hostiles. It all goes so fluid, inituative, that it's just plain impressive. And another thing which is impressive, is the room itself. Highly detailed and far cleaner than mine. Small minus - the game itself can become repetive. Good for some normal blasts, but don't expect something like a full game. For the 'quick-game' groups of DB-games, this must be one of the best!

This game has got to be one

This game has got to be one of my all time favorite DB games. From the superb graphics, to the just plain fun of flying under tables and through chairs and in between books, to the very well fitting sound and the awesomeness of the alienware system in the corner, this game rocks my world. The flying is a bit clunky at times, and the game is a bit slow at times, but both of those are issues with my computer as far as I can tell. The targeting system is very well done, and the AI is very nicely executed. Add in the shear fun factor, and this is one game you won't want to miss if you have a decent graphics card.

Editor Review

Room War placed 1st in the Alienware sponsored programming competition in 2003, and it's easy to see why the judges were impressed! You play as an alien who has to protect the alienware system in the corner of the beautifully modelled room from the other aliens flying around the room. Right-click to lock onto an opponent and then tail them while firing until you take them out. The gameplay isn't so great, but the superb graphics more than make up for it.