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Shooting off individual limbs

Shooting off individual limbs directly affects ones efficiency, disabling the possibility to jump, walk, aim or hold a weapon. Behind the layer of simplicity and frenzy, there's a thin layer of strategy. Not that you'll have time for strategy. Nope, most of the time you'll be running around, dodging, jumping, laughing at bizarre situations. Running for that Bazooka or Minigun. But just before you get there, your legs get shot off and even before you reach the ground on you stomach, your head too. Luckily it takes just a second before you rejoin the mayhem. The game is editable. You can add weapons, levels, and everything can be edited. You could add everything from GTA:SA style purple uhm... sticks to a StarWars lasergun or a Halo-like plasma gun.

Okay. First off - I'm going

Okay. First off - I'm going to have you listen to me carefully. Do exactly as I say. Scroll down so that you only see this text. Forget the screenshot above. Now, look around. Look at how three-dimensional the world seems. Imagine that the world suddenly becomes flat. Look down at yourself. Imagine that you are nothing but lines and a circle as a head. You've become a stick puppet! And what do stick puppets do? Well, they grab a bazooka, machinegun, lasersword and go all-out in a frenzy, ofcourse! And that's exactly what SS2 offers. A total frenzy. The game is fun - fast-paced and, although the blood and limbs fly around freely, as funny as you'll see it.

Not exactly fully polished,

Not exactly fully polished, but very fun. This is the only game that stayed in my games folder for over 3 months, and it is still there. It has many things that can be improved, like higher jumps and the blood sticking to the walls, including many bugs, but with the crazy action and stick figure violence, I couldn't care less. With the ability to create your own levels, and even better, your own weapons, it is very replayable. Valle says that he is working on a multiplayer Stick Suicide, which would be awesome!

Editor Review

The concept to this game is nice and simple - blow all the other stick men to pieces! With a vast array of weapons, from rocket launchers to guitars (!), the game is full of little touches which are sure to make you laugh. It's a very fast paced game, however I found the movement slightly 'sticky' on some of the steps. Nevertheless, if you want some mindless fun, this is the game to play. Level editor included.