3D Bubble Bobble


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This is personally the game

This is personally the game that convinced me Dark Basic was the language for me. The game play is easy to learn, but takes just enough practice to master so that it stays fun. The music, while repetitive, is a great remix of the original, and the other sound effects are pleasantly retro. The biggest shortcoming is the graphics, which are pretty clunky on the fruits. The main character is pretty cute though, and the enemies are well done if simplistic. All in all, a very engaging retro game entering the realm of 3D that should provide an hour or two of entertainment.

Editor Review

A little remake of the 80's game 'Bubble Bobble'. Fire the bubbles to trap the opponents and then jump on them to finish them off. The game is very easy to get into and also has a highscore table, however I feel the graphics let the game down significantly, which is a shame.