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Holy cow! I love the crazy

Holy cow! I love the crazy action and bullet patterns. The game is very unique and I like the two sided gameplay alot. It is a very colorful and well polished game. I recommend this game to all.

This is personally my

This is personally my favourite game in DarkBasic. I decided that not because it gave me the best first impression, or it had the coolest looking screenshots, but simply because I’ve played it for hours and hours. My only complaint is that I never got to level 100 ;)

This game is a must-play for

This game is a must-play for anyone who likes D Top-Down shooters. The gameplay is innovative and addicting, with the simplistic graphics complementing it very well. The default music is awesome, and the custom music option is very nice indeed. All in all, one heck of a stylish game!

Editor Review

Another great game from Binary zoo. Following in the footsteps of Mono, Duo is another fast paced arcade shooting frenzy. With 100 levels, getting progressively harder and new twists being introduced as you work your way up, you'll be sure to find it hard to quit this game. With crazy special effects (Just look at that screenshot!), 25 shooting modes and power-ups to collect along the way - top stuff!