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Having watched this game from

Having watched this game from infancy, seeing it completed makes me oh so happy. The concept is close enough to the original to bring nostalgia, but original enough to re-catch your interest. The music fits well, as does the rest of the sound, and the Cell Shaded graphics fit the cartoony mood of the game to near perfection! The puzzles are mind bending, and the intro is very nicely done, especially since you can skip it now...;) All in all, this is one well presented game you won't want to miss if you like puzzle games!

This game is great fun!

This game is great fun! There's nice cell shaded graphics, plenty of different locales to keep things interesting, and as for the gameplay itself - it's a great mental workout! :) Give it a go!

Editor Review

A really nice, bright cartoon style game in which you have to help Block Guy shuffle the blocks around the levels to collect the key and reach the exit. I really like the whole style of the game and the intro scenes, background music and menu system all add up to a very polished game.