Roswell Racer


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Best Dark BASIC game ever

Best Dark BASIC game ever made! This game is soo sweet! Thanks to whoever made this wonderful game! This game is just like Daytona usa. This is by far my fav. Game! Great Controlls and sound! You can unlock levels and cars. And there is a highscore list! Give this game a try! I loved it!

Quite a good arcade racer,

Quite a good arcade racer, however by no means a perfect one. Sometimes it's a bit too arcade for its own good, especialy with the time limits during the menus. The crash sequences are far too long, but very fun to watch, although depressing as your car quickly falls behind. The tracks are interesting, but they have so many laps that you get tired of them quickly. Perhaps this just isn’t my kind of racer, but a good game none the less.

Very nice graphics and sound

Very nice graphics and sound effects complement the smooth and non bugged gameplay in this Mario Kart wannabe. The AI is very good, and the tracks are not bad at all. The only issues are the lack of variety of racers, and a few issues with difficulty - not for racing game non-veterans. The ingame music is a bit lacking also. Otherwise, not a bad game...merely not a great game.

This is basically Mario Kart

This is basically Mario Kart with aliens, only less variety in characters, less power-ups, and difficult AI for the average gamer. By no means a perfect game, but definitely worth a download, and a few good attempts at beating it.

Editor Review

Placed 2nd in the 2004 Dark BASIC games programming contest, roswell racer is a graphically beautiful alien racing game. Very smartly presented and with good sound effects and smooth collision too. Various power-ups are available to speed you up, slow down time etc. Opponents are challenging to say the least, and the minimum computer requirements are very high, which takes something away for this otherwise good game.