Mr Putts Mini Golf


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The graphics can be improved,

The graphics can be improved, but this game is still really fun. The gameplay is excellent, and I have found myself playing it over and over. I could do without those annoying animals though :)

This game is a very nice

This game is a very nice little mini-putt putt simulator. The courses are all within the realm of reality, and the physics are as realistic as could be expected. The sound isn't bad, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. The only real area for improvement is the graphics, which are a bit so so. Some also may not like the MIDI music.

Editor Review

A great crazy golf game made a very long time ago in DBC. Nice, bright graphics, and sound effects (Love those crazy animal noises!) make for a really fun little game well worth downloading. Play on 18 holes, each presenting their own challenges.